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Fujian Yongyuan Printing Co., Ltd. was established on July 24, 2017. The company is mainly engaged in transparent and color printing plastic bags, plastic bags, paper plastic bags, packaging bags, plastic packaging bags, film bags, paper boxes, etc. of various types of materials (PVC, OPP, NY, POF, PET, kop, cpp, or multi-layer composite) required by various industries. We specialize in OPP film, CPP film, OPP wrapping film. Widely used in daily packaging bags (boxes) for industries such as hardware, clothing and socks, handbags, handicrafts, food, toys, shopping, shopping malls, chemicals, logistics, electronic appliances, furniture, textiles, stationery, shoe materials, sports equipment, tableware, jewelry advertising, beverages, etc. A company that integrates production and sales, with years of experience in packaging bag production and well-equipped machinery and equipment; Experienced employees; A complete and scientific quality management system. The company provides users with high-quality and affordable packaging products with updated, higher, and better standards, and has gained recognition from the industry with integrity, strength, and product quality. We will be your ideal partner for long-term cooperation. Welcome customers from Southeast Asia, Middle East, and Africa to inquire by phone.

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