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                    Anti-fog PET Film Sheet
                    • Anti-fog PET Film SheetAnti-fog PET Film Sheet
                    • Anti-fog PET Film SheetAnti-fog PET Film Sheet
                    • Anti-fog PET Film SheetAnti-fog PET Film Sheet
                    • Anti-fog PET Film SheetAnti-fog PET Film Sheet

                    Anti-fog PET Film Sheet

                    Yongyuan is a leading China Anti-fog PET Film Sheet manufacturers, suppliers and exporter. The anti-fog film has the functions of anti-fog, anti-explosion, anti-rust and anti-drip.

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                    Yongyuan is Anti-fog PET Film Sheet manufacturers and suppliers in China who can wholesale Anti-fog PET Film Sheet. Anti-fog PET Film Sheet is a kind of packaging film with comprehensive performance. It has good transparency and luster; it has good air tightness and fragrance retention; it has moderate moisture resistance, and its moisture permeability decreases at low temperatures. PET film has excellent mechanical properties, its strength and toughness are the best among all thermoplastics, and its tensile strength and impact strength are much higher than ordinary films; it has good stiffness and stable size, and is suitable for secondary processing such as printing and paper bags. . PET film also has excellent heat resistance, cold resistance and good chemical resistance and oil resistance. But it is not resistant to strong alkali; it is easy to be charged with static electricity, and there is no appropriate anti-static method, so attention should be paid when packaging powdery items.

                    Product Instructions of Anti-fog PET Film Sheet:

                    Anti-fog film, also called defogger, heating film, etc., is a professional product for defogging bathroom mirrors. The principle is that when the back of the mirror is attached to the anti-fog film, the electrical energy can be efficiently converted into heat energy, and the heat energy will directly cause the mirror to heat up. The specific power keeps the mirror at a constant temperature, which can effectively prevent steam from condensing on the mirror. The effect of fog. Our commonly used specifications are 400*600, 450*650, 800*600, 1200*800, 1200*900, such as square, round, oval, etc. Other specifications are recommended to be customized, and its materials are divided into It is NOKE anti-fog film and JESI anti-fog film.

                    1. NOKE anti-fog film (PVC anti-fog film) Adopt domestic high-quality polyvinyl chloride material

                    The softening point is 80°C, and it begins to decompose at 130°C

                    Corrosion resistance, wear resistance, excellent mechanical properties

                    Using domestic high-quality heating wire

                    Service life of more than 5 years

                    2. JESI anti-fog film (PET anti-fog film)

                    Imported polyester material

                    High temperature resistance, softening point above 180°C, hot melting temperature above 260°C, no deformation when heated at low temperature

                    Has outstanding wear resistance

                    High electrical insulation, no breakdown phenomenon in 1min at 2750V

                    Imported heating wire

                    Not hard in winter, not soft in summer

                    Meet international standards CE, UL, SAA, PSE and other international certification

                    Service life of more than 20 years

                    The Anti-fog PET Film Sheet has the functions of anti-fog, anti-explosion, anti-rust and anti-drip. The danger of electric shock, thereby protecting the silver mirror and effectively extending the service life of the mirror.

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