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What is matting film?


The uses and characteristics of matting film:

Matt film looks like paper. This product is a packaging film with low gloss, high haze and diffuse reflective matte effect. It is mainly used in high-end gift packaging, large outdoor advertising printing, hardcover book covers and other fields. 

Direct outer packaging and imitation paper use, including being used as a letter window and oily writing. Composite with other materials, such as paper, aluminized film, light-shielding film, etc., it is used for packaging of daily necessities, clothing, cosmetics, snacks, etc., and for covering books and periodicals, as the base material of adhesive tape, and producing invisible adhesive tape. 

The matte surface layer is not only rough and uneven, and its thickness is difficult to accurately characterize, but its mechanical strength is lower than that of the BOPP layer, so some manufacturers do not count the thickness of this layer into the film thickness. The matting layer has good heat sealability, which is characterized by high heat sealing strength and good hot tack. The wear resistance of matt film is worse than that of bright film.

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