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What is CPP high temperature cooking film?


With the development of our country's economy, the prosperity of tourism, and the rise of the Golden Week economy, people's demand for convenience foods is increasing. Various soft cans and high-temperature cooking foods are not only diverse in variety but also in huge quantities. 

A large number of food packaging products with high barrier properties, high impact resistance, high-temperature cooking resistance, high-pressure resistance, and medium resistance have emerged, thus ensuring the convenience of food. It is fresh and nutritious, extending the shelf life of convenience foods, and is the best packaging material for soft cans. High-temperature cooking can kill all bacteria (135°C) and has a long shelf life. High-barrier transparent bags have a shelf life of about one year, and aluminum foil retort bags have a shelf life of about two years. 

Oxygen and moisture permeability are close to zero. Food is not prone to spoilage; has high heat intensity; can be stored at room temperature. Its raw materials mainly include: PET (mainly B0PET), PA (mainly B0PA), PP (mainly RCPP and SCPP), AL (mainly aluminum foil), co-extruded PA film, co-extruded EV0H film, PVDC Coating, etc.

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