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How much do you know about the performance and product features of pearlescent film?


Packaging has now become a powerful marketing tool. A well-designed packaging can create promotion value for dealers, farmers, and manufacturers! As people pay more attention to packaging, packaging materials have gradually become the focus of attention. As an important packaging material, pearlescent film has been widely used. 

Do you know the performance of pearlescent film well?

BOPP pearlescent film has excellent barrier properties. Because in the actual production and processing process, a certain amount of CaCO3 is added to the film material. It has a certain pearlescent effect and is highly decorative. Pearl film is made of polypropylene resin, calcium carbonate, pearlescent pigment (powder) rubber and other modifiers mixed and biaxially stretched. Since mechanical foaming is used in the foaming process, the specific gravity of pearl film is only about 0.7, while the specific gravity of PP is about 0.9. Therefore, the flexible packaging industry is also willing to choose pearl film with low price, good decoration and excellent performance. The so-called mechanical foaming relies on inorganic fillers such as ultrafine calcium carbonate mixed in the resin to separate from each other during the process of biaxial stretching, thereby forming cells. Because modifiers such as calcium carbonate and rubber are mixed in the pearlescent film. Although it is a biaxially oriented film, PP has lost its heat sealing properties, but it still has some heat sealability. Although heat-sealing bags can be made, the heat-sealing strength is relatively low and easy to tear.

Features of pearlescent film products:

1. Pearlescent film products have excellent decorative properties.

2. The product has good barrier properties, waterproof properties, gas barrier properties and heat sealing properties, and can meet the needs of different levels.

3. More economical use.

4. There are many types of composite materials with good peel strength and apparent quality.

5. The performance of composite products remains unchanged at -50℃ and does not affect product quality. Has good frost resistance, acid resistance and oil resistance.

6. The heat sealing strength is high, and the composite product will not be damaged by a drop test from a certain height.

7. This pearlescent film can be used for gravure printing, with good apparent printing quality and stretch resistance, and high graphic overprinting accuracy.

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