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Finland develops new ultra-thin packaging material


Xinhuanet, Helsinki, April 7 (Xinhua) Finnish researchers have recently developed a new type of ultra-thin packaging material that can be used for packaging food and medical supplies. Its lightness, thinness and sealing properties are better than traditional aluminum films.

Researchers at the National Technical Research Center of Finland recently reported that they have developed a new bio-based coating using atomic layer deposition technology that can deposit substances in the form of single-atom films layer by layer on the surface of a substrate, with a thickness of only 25 nanometers ( A nanometer is one billionth of a meter) and is non-porous, flexible and bendable. This new type of packaging material has good anti-penetration properties and is especially suitable for packaging food and pharmaceutical products.

Researchers said that fruit juice, coffee, tea and some pharmaceuticals have very strict requirements for packaging materials, which must have sealing, moisture-proof, anti-drying, anti-oxidation and other properties. At present, this type of packaging materials usually uses aluminum film as an isolation layer. However, packaging materials containing aluminum film are not only difficult to recycle, but also consume a lot of energy in their manufacturing process.

The researchers said that the research center will conduct in-depth research on this new packaging material with a view to putting it into practical production as soon as possible.

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