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Introduction to the form of heat shrinkable film


1. Sealed packaging
This kind of packaging is similar to shrink film packaging. The film wraps around the tray to completely wrap the tray, and then two hot grippers heat seal the films at both ends together. This is the application method of wrapping film, and thus more packaging methods have been developed.
2. Manual packaging
This kind of packaging is a very simple kind of packaging around the film machine. The film is mounted on a rack or hand-held, and it is changed by the tray or the film turns around the tray. It is mainly used for repackaging after the packaged pallet is damaged, and ordinary pallet packaging. This kind of packaging is slow, and the suitable film thickness is 15-20 μm.
3. Stretch film machine packaging
This is a fairly common mechanical packaging method, in which the support is rotated or the film is rotated around the support, and the film is fixed on the bracket and can move up and down. This kind of packaging can be very large, about 15 to 18 plates per hour. The suitable film thickness is about 15-25 μm.
4. Full Width Packaging
This kind of packaging requires that the packaging film is wide enough to cover the tray, and the shape of the tray is regular, so it is suitable for use. The suitable film thickness is 17-35μm.
5. Horizontal mechanical packaging
Different from other packaging, the film is wrapped around the article, which is suitable for long goods packaging, such as carpets, boards, fiberboards, shaped materials, etc.
6. Packaging of paper tube
This is one of the new uses of wrapping film, which is better than the old-fashioned paper tube packaging with wrapping film. A suitable film thickness is 30 to 120 μm.
7. Packaging of small items
This is a new packaging method of shrink film, which can not only reduce material consumption, but also reduce the storage space of the pallet. In foreign countries, this kind of packaging was first introduced in 1984. Only one year later, many such packaging appeared on the market. This packaging approach has huge potential. The suitable film thickness is 15-30 μm.
8. Packaging of tubes and cables

This is an example of the use of wrapping film machines in special fields. The packaging equipment is installed at the end of the production line. The fully automatic stretching film can replace the belt to bind the material and also play a protective role. The applicable thickness is 15-30 μm.

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