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Selection principle of opp heat sealing film


1. Packaging speed. In order to improve production efficiency, double-chamber or fully automatic automatic opp heat-sealing film packaging equipment can be selected to speed up production progress.
2. Whether it needs inflatable function. An automatic hot-melt film tape packaging inflatable packaging machine with inflatable (inert gas) function can be selected.
3. The packaged items have requirements on the packaging degree of automatic hot-melt film tape. If the food has high requirements for automatic hot-melt film tape packaging, you can choose the cavity type. If the automatic hot-melt film tape packaging requirements are not high, you can choose the external automatic hot-melt film tape packaging equipment.

4. Requirements for the degree of automation. You can choose semi-automatic or fully automatic hot-melt film tape packaging equipment. With the rapid development of the food packaging machinery industry and the market economy, the application of automatic hot-melt film tape packaging technology will become more and more skilled, and it will surely occupy a more important position in the automatic hot-melt film tape packaging equipment packaging industry. The heat-sealing film label must meet the functional requirements of the end user, which is the primary factor to be considered in the label design, otherwise, the cost will be in vain. On the one hand, if the bottle type is a special-shaped bottle and the shrinkage rate needs to be higher than 70%, PETG film should be used, and PVC film is only suitable for ordinary bottle types; on the other hand, the stiffness of PETG film and PVC film is significantly higher than that of OPS film. Therefore, if the appearance of the label needs a better feel, PETG film or PVC film should be used; in addition, the appearance gloss of PETG film after printing is also better than the other two films. Film Material Cost Label material cost is undoubtedly an important factor of concern to both end users and label printing companies. When it comes to material cost, people tend to convert it into the price per ton to measure the price of materials, but a more scientific method should be to consider the material cost per unit area. In other words, unit film cost (yuan/kg), film material density, and label thickness should be considered comprehensively. In order to keep food fresh, more automatic packaging and automatic packaging inflatable packaging are now used. We know that in order to preserve food, in addition to ensuring the external environment temperature and sterility, it is also necessary to ensure a gas environment that is more suitable for food preservation. The small baler is generally composed of an automatic packaging system, an air pumping sealing system, a heat-pressing sealing system, and an electrical control system, which can meet the requirements in this regard.

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