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Machine use and performance characteristics of heat sealing film


1. Adopting a unique constant force tensioning system, the film does not jump, does not deviate, the bag shape is beautiful, and the film is fast. Strong ability to adapt to different specifications of packaging materials, accurate photoelectric positioning of bag length;
2. Using servo drive to pull the film, the film is stable, reliable, accurate and has a long service life;
3. Servo-driven horizontal sealing (option), low noise, fast speed, stable sealing and fast speed;
4. The vertical and horizontal seals are made of unique alloy material, which is durable and reliable, and does not stick to the packaging material. The surface treatment of machine parts adopts advanced multi-layer electroless plating process, and the surface is not easy to rust;
5. There is a strict inspection and control system for parts processing to ensure the processing accuracy and appearance quality of the product, so that the whole machine product can adapt to long-term stable operation;
6. Intuitive man-machine dialogue operation interface, convenient for operators;
7. The high market share makes us have better and faster service,
8. Unmanned operation, can be directly connected to the production line for use
9. Internal circulation system design, low energy consumption; stainless steel heating tube; movable roller transmission

10. The sealing and cutting knife has an automatic protection function, which can effectively prevent the package from being cut by mistake;

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