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Several functions of anti-fog film that you don't know!


After the anti-fog film of automobile glass, it can not only play the function of explosion-proof and heat insulation, but also the anti-fog effect is not affected by the weather, which can effectively avoid the problem of fogging in the car in winter, rainy days and other environments, and ensure the driver's clear vision. Helps drive safely.

What are the advantages of anti-fog film:

1. Clearer vision:

The anti-fog film is made of optical-grade substrate, with a light transmittance as high as 75%, and a clearer field of view than ordinary solar films. The light transmittance of a general front shield film is only about 60%, which is easy to drive tired and poses a safety hazard.

2. Anti-fog effect:

In rainy and snowy weather, the fog on the front windshield brings many safety hazards. The effect of blowing cold wind to remove fog is good, but will blowing cold wind in severe cold weather have a negative impact on the health of the driver? The fog film relieves these troubles.

3. Heat insulation effect:

In addition to the defogging function, this film also has excellent heat insulation performance. The anti-fog film is as high as 91%, while the ordinary solar film is generally 30%. Driving in the hot sun can still be comfortable and cool, and save fuel consumption and protect the environment. 

4. No impact on the in-vehicle communication system:

The anti-fog film is made of non-metal high heat insulation material, so it will not affect the normal use of the communication system, including mobile phone, navigation, ETC automatic toll system and other functions.

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