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                    PVDC Coated Film

                    Yongyuan is one of the famous China PVDC Coated Film manufacturers and suppliers. Our factory specializes in manufacturing of PVDC Coated Film.

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                    Product Description

                    PVDC coated film refers to a type of film that has been treated with a layer of Polyvinylidene Chloride (PVDC) coating. PVDC is a highly effective barrier material known for its excellent resistance to oxygen and moisture.The PVDC coating on the film greatly enhances its barrier properties, making it suitable for packaging applications that require high protection against oxygen, moisture, and other contaminants. It forms a protective barrier that prevents the permeation of gases and liquids, thereby preserving the integrity and freshness of the packaged contents.PVDC coated film is widely used in various industries, including food packaging, pharmaceuticals, and electronics. It is often used for packaging sensitive food products, such as snacks, baked goods, and meat products, as well as pharmaceutical drugs and electronic components that require a high level of protection.In addition to its barrier properties, PVDC coated film also offers other desirable qualities. It has good tensile strength, ensuring durability during handling and transportation. The film is transparent, allowing for easy visibility of the packaged contents. Furthermore, it can be easily printed on, allowing for branding or product information to be added to the packaging.PVDC coated film can be customized to meet specific packaging requirements in terms of barrier performance, thickness, and surface treatment. It can also be laminated with other films or substrates to further enhance its functionality and versatility.In summary, PVDC coated film is a specialized packaging material that provides exceptional barrier protection against oxygen, moisture, and contaminants. It is ideal for preserving the freshness and integrity of sensitive products, and it offers additional benefits, such as strength, transparency, and printability.

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