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                    PVDC Coated PET Film
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                    PVDC Coated PET Film

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                    Product Description

                    PVDC Coated PET Film is a type of packaging film made from Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) that has been coated with PVDC (Polyvinylidene Chloride) on one or both sides of the film. PVDC is a highly effective barrier material known for its excellent oxygen and moisture resistance.The PVDC coating on PET film significantly enhances its barrier properties, making it suitable for packaging applications that require high protection against oxygen, moisture, and odors. It forms a barrier layer that prevents the permeation of gases and liquids, thereby extending the shelf life and preserving the quality of packaged goods.PVDC Coated PET Film finds wide application in industries such as food packaging, pharmaceuticals, and electronics, where product integrity and freshness are crucial. It is commonly used for sensitive food products, including snacks, bakery items, and processed meats, as well as pharmaceutical drugs and electronic components that need optimal protection from environmental factors.Along with its excellent barrier performance, PVDC Coated PET Film offers other desirable properties. It has good tensile strength, ensuring the resistance of the packaging during handling and transportation. The film is also transparent, providing visibility of the packaged product and enhancing the overall presentation. Additionally, it possesses good printability, allowing for branding or product information to be easily applied on the packaging.PVDC Coated PET Film can be customized to suit specific packaging requirements in terms of barrier performance, thickness, and surface treatment. It can also be laminated with other films or substrates to further enhance its functionality and versatility.In conclusion, PVDC Coated PET Film is a specialized packaging material that offers superior barrier properties and various benefits for sensitive and perishable products. It provides an effective solution for extending shelf life, ensuring product freshness, and maintaining product integrity throughout its lifespan.

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