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Classification of films


Opp heat-sealing film manufacturers share with you that there is no uniform regulation on the classification of films. Generally, there are three types of classification that people are used to:
1. Classified according to the raw materials used for film forming: polyethylene film, polypropylene film, polyvinyl chloride film and polyester film, etc.
2. Classified according to the purpose of the film: there are agricultural films (according to the specific use of the agricultural film, it can be divided into mulch film and greenhouse film); packaging film (the packaging film can be divided into food packaging film and various industrial films according to its specific use). Packaging films for products, etc.) and breathable films for special environments and special purposes, water-soluble films and films with piezoelectric properties, etc.

3. Classified according to the molding method of the film: a film that is extruded and plasticized and then blown is called a blown film; a film that is plasticized by extrusion and then cast from the mold mouth is called a cast film Film; a film made of plasticized raw materials rolled by several rollers on a calender, called a calendered film.

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