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What is the function of anti-fog film


Anti-fog film is a new type of unplugged PET anti-fog film, which can achieve anti-fog effect by pasting it on the mirror or glass surface. Eonyou anti-fog film is superior to traditional plug-in anti-fog film, with high light transmittance (>92%), wipe resistance (hardness above 2H), explosion-proof, long-lasting anti-fog performance (more than two years), energy saving and environmental protection, Non-toxic, easy to install and other characteristics, become the first choice for anti-fog on the glass surface.
The anti-fog film can absorb water molecules in the fog, and the hydrophilic property can quickly form a hydration layer on the surface of the film, thus ensuring a clear view of the glass.
Anti-fog film has a wide range of applications and is commonly found in:
1. Sports goods: swimming goggles, goggles, ski goggles, racing helmets.
2. Building interior: bathroom mirrors, exterior door and window glass for high-altitude and high-latitude houses, dining room/kitchen glass.
3. Automobile related: exterior rearview mirror, front windshield.

4. Freezing equipment: supermarket glass freezer, cold storage instrument glass.

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