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How to choose a good OPP cigarette film?


Fujian Yongyuan Printing Co., Ltd. provides high-quality and professional OPP cigarette film, and wins the recognition, support and trust of customers with a sincere attitude and strong economic strength. The production technology of this product is advanced, and the product types are various, which meet the market demand. OPP cigarette film provides customers with satisfactory services, and has a complete range of products, which are favored by consumers.

OPP medicine box packaging film wholesale, OPP tape: based on polypropylene film, has the advantages of high tensile strength, light weight, non-toxic, tasteless, environmental protection, wide range of use, etc. OPP bottle: light weight, low cost, improved transparency , Good heat resistance, suitable for hot filling. In recent years, two-way polypropylene (OPP) transparent bottles have become an alternative to PET bottles. PP is polypropylene, polypropylene. It can be used as general structural parts, corrosion-resistant chemical equipment parts, and heated electrical insulation parts. 

The identification of waste plastics mainly includes:

plasticizing temperature identification method, combustion identification method, density identification method, plasticization temperature identification method: plasticization temperature LDPE110~115; HDPE140~145; LLDPE125~130: PP165~170PS145~150; PVC150~ 170; Combustion identification method: product name, flame characteristics, degree of combustion, appearance, smell, PE, the upper part is yellow, and the lower end is blue; the burning is uninterrupted; no smoke, melting and dripping; if the paraffin burning smell is the same as the flame color of PE, PP is the same as the above black smoke, melting Drip; smell like petroleum PS orange flame; thick black smoke as above, soften and foam; smell like styrene, PVC top yellow, bottom green and self-extinguishing white smoke, soft and can be drawn; smell like hydrogen chloride, pungent PET When the inside is yellow and the outside is blue, it can be broken into pieces when it is uninterrupted; pungent smell Appearance characteristics: PE feels smooth, and when it is not colored, it is translucent, soft and tough. LLDPE feels softer, HDPE is slightly harder, PP is harder than PE, and has better transparency. When uncolored, it is white and translucent. The natural color of PVC is yellowish and transparent, and its transparency is better than PEPP. Soft products are flexible and tough. The hardness of hard products is higher than that of LDPE but lower than that of PP.

Wholesale of OPP medicine box packaging film How to choose a good OPP cigarette film, with a keen sense of the industry, Nadan actively adapts to the market trend, develops production with the times, and attaches great importance to technological innovation. The OPP cigarette film produced by our company has won warm praise from the majority of customers with its excellent production technology and excellent product quality. We adhere to the concept of "customer first, innovation, and scientific management", and are willing to provide sincere and convenient services to new and old customers. Users are welcome to come to consult and purchase, and look forward to your call.

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