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Material performance characteristics of anti-fog film


Anti-fog films of different materials have different characteristics and scope of application, let’s take a look with Ruiling below!

1. Performance characteristics of PET (polyester) anti-fog film

1. Outstanding wear resistance

2. High rigidity and high dimensional stability

3. High temperature resistance, the softening temperature can reach above 180°C, the melting temperature can reach above 260°C, no deformation when heated at low temperature

4. Excellent electrical insulation performance

5. The natural aging time of the product is long, and the service life can reach about 20 years;

6. It will not be hard and brittle in winter, and will not be soft in summer, and the installation will not be affected by temperature changes. High hardness, not easy to damage during storage and installation.

7. Practical scope: international standard (currently the most effective product for defogging bathroom mirrors)

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